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Reader’s Comments

‘A major development in the whole field of bird interest in Britain.’
—Mark Cocker, Author (Norfolk, UK)

‘A master stroke, certainly one of the great theme books ever to appear in the annals of haiku.’
—Jim Kacian, Director, The Haiku Foundation (Virginia, USA)

‘A generous project, offering non-birders the insight that every bird, and every sighting, is a unique combination of the habitat, the moment and the species’ ‘inborn attitude’.’
—Philip Gross, winner of the 2009 TS Eliot prize (Glamorgan, UK)

‘What a treasure! The haiku are my favorite part, but the superb introductory material, exceptional illustrations, and appendices rival for attention even from this haiku lover. The whole is even greater than the sum of the parts . . . If Wing Beats receives even a fraction of the attention it deserves, it is sure to be a phenomenal success.’
—Peggy Willis Lyles (Georgia, USA)

‘A marvelous contribution to haiku, on a global level.’
—Wally Swist (Massachusetts, USA)

‘A landmark publication.’
—Beverley George (New South Wales, Australia)

‘A stunning book.’
—Liam Wilkinson (Yorkshire, UK)

‘Wonderful haiku, marvelous illustrations, and much, much more. Beyond the haiku itself, this book is so very interesting, chock full of significant information.’
—Ferris Gilli (Georgia, USA)

‘A beautiful book.’
—Tom Gilroy (New York, USA)

‘A book to be treasured.’
—Maria Steyn (Johannesburg, South Africa)

‘This is a special book.’
—Jennie Townsend (Missouri, USA)