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Latest News

Symposium on Birds, Culture and Conservation
University of Oxford
11 December 2009

A symposium exploring how societies, past and present, have valued birds, and the roles that such ‘cultural birds’ have for people. It brings together a wide range of scholars, poets, writers, artists, academics and conservation professionals all of whom are passionate about birds, and whose collective work demonstrates that birds have always had a much broader, richer and more complex importance for human experience than that defined by science alone. This might lead us to rethink in the present day how we describe or present the importance of birds to the public – an outcome that could ultimately strengthen modern conservation practice.

John Barlow contributes a paper on “Traditional and modern haiku responses to birds”.

Best Nature Books in The Guardian

Described as a “delightful volume . . . that brings the venerable tradition of haiku and nature up to date”, Wing Beats features in The Guardian’s round-up of ‘Best Nature Books’ of 2008.

Book Launch Events

Stephen Moss, Matthew Paul and John Barlow

Wing Beats was launched at the Poetry Society’s Poetry Café in Covent Garden, London, on Saturday September 13, 2008. Snapshot Press also appeared at the Royal Festival Hall earlier in the day as part of the Thames Festival.

A launch event also took place in Bath at Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights – the British Book Awards’ Independent Bookshop of the Year 2008 – on Saturday October 4, 2008.

For further details and photographs from these events please see Recent Events.